Veteran eNews

LATINA Style Inc., the premier company addressing the needs of Latina professional workingwoman, civic leader, entrepreneur, college students and members of the Armed Services is proud to present, the National LATINA Symposium (NLS). This  prestigious conference brings together the most accomplished Hispanic women in the nation. The Symposium takes place yearly during the first week of September in Washington DC. The Symposium opens up with a by invitation only Leadership and VIP Reception. The conference begins with a ceremonial breakfast followed by a series of panel discussions and workshops that allow participants to learn about issues of critical importance to Latina professional working women such as: advancing Latinas in the workplace, entrepreneurship & business, emerging technology trends, wealth creation & financial security, political leadership, professional development and balancing health, career & personal life, and Veterans Transition Support. We are proud to present the only national awards program honoring Latinas serving in the Armed Forces in both active duty and civilian capacity. The showpiece of the Symposium is the Distinguished Military Service Awards Luncheon highlighting the outstanding achievement of Latinas in their respective services. Latinas are recognized for their leadership, accomplishments, and commitment to building a strong community.